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Nidl is the name of SURPRISE vertically and horizontally ” which give you fulfilling in your ” Need , Interest” in products, collaborate of supply distribution on ” Demand. However, our sologan ‘ is Surprise _®

We are a company of customers’ satisfactory destination, which makes the value of our National and International premisses. We collaborate of our customer demand make strong sources with cheap competitive price best possible Quality ever there new experience.

We have source Trend styles _ Garments, Knit – Woven, Top-Bottom, Tailoring items, sportswear, underwear, home textiles, bathrobe, and any type of
fashion apparel. It makes a good and strong source of our international Customers. We have work for 12 years in Apparel fashion and Marketing, analysis the end of customers satisfactory.

Our Mission

Tremendously we followed worldwide massive sales make massive satisfactory it could maintain the Care of customers, Rather all of Mankind ” want to take easily with a cheap price much good quality. Really, we are dedicated on OpS’ sentence Make good platform Nidl is supply destination.

Our Vision

We democratic our goals customers satisfactory and marketing all products which built bridge Suppliers and Customers. Our last end thinks we take profit but its always Given to customers care on a there given value of less profit.

Our Strength

Our teamwork always for customers satisfactory in Sourcing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and technical support also. Here work more experts who always know. If they give the best customers returned always good.

Our Specialty

We changer with world change and choose to our source, our new source make (C2C) Cradle to Cradle biodegradable, Sustainable product source and exported to our customer


Why Choice Us


☑️ We have a 100% guarantee of competitive pricing.

☑️ Interested to invest with our prospective buyers

☑️ We can handle the fashion trends of various markets with ease.

☑️ We focus on the quality of orders under the requirements of our customers.

☑️ NiDL is the ultimate clothing manufacturer in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

☑️ Our sincere approach efforts secure our 100% on-time delivery track record.

☑️ We maintain quality while increasing quantity.

☑️ The process of delivering quality finishes is a complex process indeed.


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