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Home textile is one of the first line export sector in Bangladesh also known as decorative textile. Due to quality and diversified range of products, the country’s production of the home textile is being increased day by day. In the mid-nineties, local industry entrepreneurs concentrated in making home textiles, while Bangladesh entered the export market in the 1980s with knit items. This sector, initially has seen losses, has gradually started to return to the growth trend over time. In this fiscal year, the export revenues of this sector can touch billions of dollars – that is the expectation from the concerned people.

Quality and latest technology

Today the Bangladeshi home textile industry is aware of the trend in international markets towards the increasing demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly products and quickly adapts itself to developments in legal and technical regulations. Many manufacturers in the sector are able to produce with quality and environment management systems. Buyers always want quality fabrics when it comes to home textiles products. To manufacture quality fabrics, the latest technology is must for any company.